Dat M Nguyen, PharmD, CPh

Dr. Nguyen is a consultant pharmacist specializing in elderly population with passion in alternative medicine and nutritional supplements.  He has been practicing for over 15 years with experiences in retail, compounding and long term care pharmacy.  He is highly skilled in optimization and quality controls to provide exceptional services and products to patients.  Proactive leadership in the development, implementation, simplification and analysis of pharmacy system, workflow and management.  He received his doctorate degree in pharmacy from Nova Southeastern University.  He is a member of American Society of Consultant Pharmacist (ASCP).

Perhaps surprisingly, Dr. Nguyen is an avid investor in financial industries and a business entrepreneur.  He has over a decade of experiences in stock market trading, life insurance banking system and real estates.

Dr. Nguyen is passionate in math, science, cars and technology.  The father of one son, Dustin, and married to his wife, Keila, for 12 years.  He is a Florida resident of 30 years.  He enjoys walking, dinning, movies and spending time with friends and family.