Dat M Nguyen, PharmD, CPh
Compounding Pharmacist

Dr. Nguyen has been a pharmacist in Sarasota, FL since 2005.  He is a consultant pharmacist specializing in elderly population with passion in alternative medicine and nutritional supplements.  He has experiences in compounding, retail community and long term care pharmacy.  He is highly skilled in system optimization and quality controls to provide exceptional services and products to patients.  Proactive leadership in the development, implementation, simplification and analysis of business operations, workflow and management.  He received his doctorate degree in pharmacy from Nova Southeastern University.  He is a member of American Society of Consultant Pharmacist (ASCP).

Perhaps surprisingly, Dr. Nguyen is an avid investor in financial industries and a business entrepreneur.  He has over a decade of experiences in stock market, life insurance products and real estates.

Dr. Nguyen is passionate in math, science, cars and technology.  The father of one son, Dustin, and married to his wife, Keila, for 13 years.  He is a Florida resident of 31 years.  He enjoys walking, dinning, movies and spending time with friends and family.

Esra Eltilib, RPh, FNLP, CHP
Holistic Pharmacist and Functional Nutritionist – Texas

Esra Eltilib is a pharmacist and wellness consultant with extensive knowledge that successfully integrates holistic approaches in functional nutrition and reliable medicine.

She’s a registered pharmacist in the state of Texas with experience working with geriatric and psychiatric patients. Esra is also a certified essential oil coach accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

As a certified Hijamah cupping practitioner licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association, Esra is a certified Functional medicine Nutritionist and Lifestyle Practitioner (FNLP) that provides virtual consultation and educational services. Esra is a passionate educator that believes in empowering patients with knowledge that will enable them to take steps forward in gaining their health without feeling overwhelmed in the process.

Being a strong believer in bio-individuality, Esra will take you on a personalized journey, stopping at each and every trigger and mediator that influence your health today. Her unique background in living in different cultures and her knowledge in eastern and western medicine made her clients describe Esra as a kind, compassionate, and balanced person that approaches clients with understanding and acceptance.

Esra is a mother of five amazing children, and is often consulted on how to balance between life and work by female clients and entrepreneurs.

If you are a person interested in exploring other options to tackle your health problems in a more holistic and comprehensive way, book your appointment now and start owning leadership in decisions regarding true resolution of the root cause of your disease on your unique journey to REVITALIZE!